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In Comic Fight!, we have 24 hours to create a 24 page comic from scratch. As we make our comics, we are helping to fundraise for Urban Arts give others the opportunity to create!

Our third campaign is officially retired! Thanks to your help, we've raised $2,302.69! Thank you so much for your support.Urban Arts designs and implements educational programs rooted in the arts and technology for underrepresented students. Because a quality education shouldn’t depend on a child’s zip code.
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Comic Challenge Rules

These are the official rules participants will follow.
A 24 page comic must be written and illustrated in the span of 24 hours.


◼ Pre-existing and new characters owned by ONLY yourself are allowed.
◼ Story has to be physically written during this challenge, meaning NO PREPARATION WORK. A one sentence concept prompt is allowed, but no further writing may take place before the challenge itself.
◼ Story must have a beginning, middle and end.
◼ Story must be capable of creating 24 pages.


◼ Challenge may be done either traditional or digital.
◼ Total panel minimum of 72.
◼ At least two colors must be used. (Black will count as a color)
◼ All pages must be the same size, 6 7/8 x 10 1/2 inches (17.5 x 26.7 cm), 300 ppi if digital. (You may prepare pages before challenge, but no markings on them are allowed.)
◼ Concept and reference art is allowed, but cannot be pasted into the final comic.
◼ All pages must be single. Spread pages are NOT allowed due for formatting issues.

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We've benefitted Art from Ashes!

Art from Ashes (AfA) provides creative programs to the struggling youth that empowers them by facilitating health and hope through expression, connection, and transformation. Learn more here!Our first campaign is officially retired. Thanks to everyone's help, we've raised $2,108.00 total!

We've Benefitted Arts & Scraps!

Arts & Scraps (A&S) Arts & Scraps is a Detroit non-profit that uses recycled industrial scraps to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn. Click here to learn more!Our second campaign is retired, as we've officially raised a total of $2,081.00! Thank you so much for your support.

Prompt: "Kicks loses his right hand, and has to get it back."

Prompt: "The queen dies on vacation, and he has to deliver the information by foot back to the castle before the information can get out."

Prompt: "A parent raises their child to fend for themselves; they become a cannibal."

Whimsi had ended up catching COVID-19 at the time of this challenge, and still went out of her way to participate! Due to COVID, The length for her comic was halved, and was exempt from having to follow a handful of rules. Huge kudos to her for all the hard work!

Prompt: "A planned surprise goes wrong at the last minute."

Prompt: "Dr. Vasquez's biggest experiment yet, bringing life to what he loves the most."

Prompt: "Chaos breaks out during the hippest concert of the year."

Prompt: "All the monsters, horrors and nightmares, shall be invited in this masacre of the Halloween party"

Prompt: "The Darkness that lies in the cold, grows via the sin of orign."

Prompt: "Micha goes out in search of a bone."

Prompt: "What the hell wrecked the shop while the owner was out?"